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Indochina Heritage Travel Group is proud to be your travel partner Vietnam and Indochina.  With extensive destination knowledge and customized trip planning experience we are your best travel expert for this region which we call home. Contact us for your next trip to Indochina for your best travel experience.


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84N Nguyen Dinh Chieu street, District 1, HCM City, Vietnam.
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This is how you can discover Vietnam: environmentally friendly, gentle and always right in the middle of it. Lively metropolises, picturesque national parks, historic cities - all this is offered by our varied private bicycle tour through the fascinating countryside.
A day venturing out in the Mekong Delta. Peddle on rural tracks through lush green orchards and take a very scenic ride through nypa shaded canals.
Learn how to cast a fishing net with a local fisheman at a hidden village. Enjoy scenic cycling routes through country lanes with lots of interesting encounters.
The legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail of the war time today offer an fascinating off-beaten-track expedition through rugged mountains, dense jungles and tribe villages.
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Just at your fingertips, Vietnam and Cambodia await with sunny beaches, buzzing cities and marvelous cultural legacy.
Travel to the highlights of traditional Vietnam, the country that has retained its very own ego despite the influence of Chinese and European colonial rulers. Let's explore the many facets of mystic Halong Bay, bustling Saigon and Hue World Heritage.
On this comprehensive journey we will get to know the beauty of Vietnam. As varied as the country itself are our activities: from museum visits to boat trips to authentic cooking classes, the program ranges.
The name speaks for itself. If you aim to leave your footprints at as many UNESCO's sites as possible, this is our signature tour for you.
Browse through the most significant legacy from Hanoi to Angkor and finally reward yourself with a long break in the beautiful beach of Mui Ne.
Venture out into the Red River Delta and explore some medieval villages around Hanoi. Discover the centuries-old crafts and productions and marvel at the arts.
Follow your guide for a fascinating walk through the riot of sights and sounds in Hanoi's Old Quarter. Take in the local life scenes while strolling through arrays of century-old houses and shops.
Sail away from the civilized world and enjoy the fascinating cruise through magnificent scenery of Halong Bay.
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