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Gastronomy in Vietnam

One of the great pleasures of visiting Vietnam is the food. The influence of Chinese cuisine on Vietnamese food is inevitable. The dishes are always seasoned with vegetables, herbs and spices, which give it a very characteristic flavor and aroma.

Throughout the country there is a wide variety of soups, changing taste according to the region. Pho is the Vietnamese name for noodle soup, which is a perfect accompaniment at any time but above all it is taken for breakfast.

Apart from the delicious fruits of Southeast Asia, Vietnam offers visitors Trai Thanh Long or dragon fruit, a pink fruit with green scales, white meat and black seeds.

Another basic dish is rice, which is eaten as an accompaniment to the main meals of the day.

If you are going to travel to Vietnam you have to try the Bun Bo Hue, a noodle soup with an intense lemon flavor, the Cha Gio, spring rolls with fish or soy sauce, and the Goi Cuon, rolls with butter sauce spicy or sweet The Hot Vit Lon is for the brave: duck eggs that are eaten with coarse salt and bitter herbs.

Another very popular dish in Vietnam is the hot pot, also known as Asian stew or Chinese stew. It is a kind of hot soup, served on a small stove in which different ingredients are added to taste: fish, vegetables, seafood, mushrooms …

There are street stalls everywhere with street vendors selling steamed sweet potatoes, rice pudding and ice cream until dawn. In Vietnam you will never have to travel far to find a delicious traditional dish, either in a restaurant or a street stall.

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