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Vietnam Virtual Events by Indochina Heritage

Vietnam Virtual Events by Indochina Heritage

You’ve probably participated in an online webinar, watched an on-demand exercise class, or joined a conference through video conferencing. You could have even sat at your desk and attended a conference. Virtual events include all of the above. A virtual event is one in which participants interact with the event and its material through the internet rather than meeting in person. According to Google Trends, the world is becoming increasingly virtual.

What are Vietnam Virtual Events?

Vietnam Virtual Events are speciliazed event planning and organizing service packages introduced by Indochina Heritage for our corporate customers. Virtual events demand the same level of care and attention as in-person events. Both event types need to engage your guests and create memorable moments for participants. We build an engaging event that reaches well beyond a computer screen by thinking of virtual events as value-added, engagement-driven experiences.

Four Main Products of Vietnam Virtual Events

A product from Vietnam Virtual Events can be added to your overal event program. Vietnam Virtual Events are not a replacement for other types of events but a new type to add and to enhance your entire program. Below are the four main products of Vietnam Virtual Events.

1. Webinars

Vietnam Virtual Events usually host webinars that last between 45 and 80 minutes. Webinars allow participants from all around the world to virtually join in and listen to one or more presenters provide the topic. Webinars by Vietnam Virtual Events often employ video conferencing capabilities that allow for Q&A, the option to display live or pre-recorded video, and the ability to make the event available after the fact as on-demand. Internal and external trainings are examples of this.

2. Virtual Conferences

Vietnam Virtual Events introduces virtual conference product, that is are organized around a live, complicated agenda that includes keynotes, sessions, breakout sessions, and more. Virtual conferences in Vietnam Virtual Events product portfolio can feature information from many sessions as well as community involvement options. While virtual conferences are not as effective as in-person events in terms of lead generation and networking, they do allow participants to see keynotes in real time, create their own agenda from relevant, on-demand information, and engage with other attendees.

3. Internal Hybrid Events

Sales kick-offs, company-wide events, trainings, department meetings, and other events fall under this category. Vietnam Virtual Events include the internal hybrid events in the portfolio as they are used to communicate a message to the complete company when employees are not all assembled in the same area for enterprises that span nations, even continents. While it would be ideal to fly every employee to your company’s headquarters, it would be prohibitively expensive and time-consuming to do so. The next best option is to hold partially in-person and partially virtual events. Internal hybrid events can benefit from virtual team development activities.

4. External Hybrid Events

These gatherings are for those who are outside of your company. User conferences and industry conferences are also possibilities. These events need a greater degree of video production to ensure that virtual guests receive the same level of service as in-person attendees. Attendees who are unable to travel to the event can still participate and learn at these activities. It’s difficult to give the same value at external hybrid events since in-person attendees may network more freely and engage with information more easily than virtual attendees. Vietnam Virtual Events uses the expertise of Indochina Heritage to oversee successful external hybrid events.

Why Vietnam Virtual Events?

Vietnam Virtual Events are appreciated for the same reasons as in-person events. The products help deliver your company’s message to drive leads and revenue, drive adoption, and build loyalty lifetime value. Recent years, meeting and event planners have had to choose between in-person, virtual, and hybrid events, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

With Vietnam Virtual Events, you are aided in deciding whether or not to make your event virtual, consider what you hope to gain from the event and how well those goals can be reached virtually versus in-person. Here are a few reasons to host a virtual event:
– Accessibility: Vietnam Virtual Events allow you to accommodate participants who are unable to attend in person while the event is still being held in person.
– Budget: Your organization needs to control costs and making smaller events and webinars virtual can help save money. Vietnam Virtual Events packages also help to have a virtual or hybrid option when attendee budgets to travel are a concern.
– The only choice: Whether due to the extreme weather, travel restrictions, you have no choice to make your in-person event virtual or cancel it altogether. That’s where Vietnam Virtual Events possibly come in.

Vietnam Virtual Events or Vietnam In-person

In-person and virtual events are almost certainly already part of your integrated marketing mix. Are you considering your in-person and virtual events as a whole? Both in-person and virtual events will be attended by your customers and prospects. Vietnam Virtual Events work together with the rest of your marketing mix to reach and engage your target audiences while also providing you with a complete picture of their interests.

Vietnam Virtual Events Fundamentals

– Target: Vietnam Virtual Events always undergo a fine tuning process in liason with corporates to appeal to the correct target markets.
– Content is key: Vietnam Virtual Events support keynotes that are both powerful and entertaining, as well as sessions that are specifically suited to your audience, are essential.
– Real interaction: Vietnam Virtual Events provide equal interactive experience for virtual attendees. The events provide alternatives that are appropriate for each sort of participant, and use online event guidelines for virtual events.

How Vietnam Virtual Events assist event planners

Virtual events have constraints that aren’t present at in-person events.
Vietnam Virtual Events, unlike in-person events, must rely on content to attract participants. In-person events can entice visitors with a distinctive setting and the promise of networking. Marketers and planners must target information to the demographics that respond best.
Vietnam Virtual Events provide guide for planners to select how to supply material for virtual events. Breakout sessions and several content selections are held at the same time at in-person events. Vietnam Virtual Events provide assitance planners need to decide if they are creating a virtual event that requires numerous content selections to be available at the same time, or providing various single content experiences.
– To add up to the mix, Vietnam Virtual Events engage guests in virtual meetings is more difficult and necessitates creativity as well as event technology such as mobile event applications.

Vietnam Virtual Events Technology and Platforms

Technology is used in virtual events. Without the use of computers and mobile devices, attendance would be impossible. However, virtual event technology encompasses more than just video conferencing. Vietnam Virtual Events, like in-person events, benefit from the usage of a comprehensive event technology platform that aids in the promotion, execution, and management of the event. Without the use of computers and mobile devices, attendance would be impossible. However, Vietnam Virtual Events technology encompasses more than just video conferencing.

The most critical components of event technology to employ while conducting your virtual event are listed below.

1. Event Website:

Event webpage is used for all Vietnam Virtual Events to promote them. Regardless of whether the event is virtual or in-person, it serves the same function. Your event website is your most important promotional tool for piqueing the attention of potential attendees and convincing them to register for the event. The value of your virtual event should be communicated through your event website, which should include the event schedule, speakers, FAQs, and a link to registration for possible attendees.

2. Event Registration:

Registration is your first and most important data collecting tool for your Vietnam Virtual Events. Attendees can use registration tools to sign up for virtual events, provide preferences and personal information, and pay if necessary. A sophisticated online registration platform makes it simple for attendees to register and gives planners and marketers with the information they need to create a great event and demonstrate event success.

3. Email:

Email marketing may be used in Vietnam Virtual Events process to raise registrations for an event, keep participants informed before the event, and engage attendees leading up to your virtual event, as well as through feedback surveys. At all phases of the event, email is the greatest way to contact with guests. Use an email marketing technology that can send branded, tailored emails, track open rates and click-through analytics, and automate when and to whom emails are sent based on attendance data.

4. Online Event Guide & Mobile Event App:

The online event guide and mobile event app are the participants’ home base during the event, making it one of the most crucial components of event technology for Vietnam Virtual Events. You might be surprised to learn that mobile event applications are just as important for live events as they are for virtual ones. These tools are the major information center for guests and function on mobile devices and online browsers. Content is at the attendees’ fingertips thanks to agendas that include links to Vietnam Virtual Events sessions. Attendees select which sessions to include on their schedule, and planners collect statistics on session popularity and participant involvement. These systems also link participants and give messaging capabilities, allowing them to network and build virtual friendships.

5. Event Feedback:

When planners don’t have the capacity to measure emotions based on facial expressions or vocal comments from guests onsite, event feedback is critical to Vietnam Virtual Events. Use event feedback tools to get input from attendees via post-event questionnaires, which may be used to demonstrate event success. Furthermore, event feedback may be utilized to qualify virtual prospects and guide them to sales.

6. Integrations:

Integrating your event technology system with your Vietnam Virtual Events platform ensures that important registration and attendance data is communicated. It also allows you to share this information with your marketing automation and CRM platforms. Use integration tools to maintain all of your attendee data in one place, allowing you to respond to leads faster and evaluate crucial event statistics like session attendance and engagement.

Preparing Attendees for Vietnam Virtual Events

There will always be user mistake when technology is involved. Virtual events aren’t all created equal. There are a variety of video conferencing tools as well as event technology alternatives available for Vietnam Virtual Events. Don’t take the digital knowledge (or lack thereof) of your attendees for granted. It’s ideal to produce a guide for participants before the event that explains how to get to the event, the sessions, and more.
Allow guests to try launching sessions or sending messages prior to the start of the event. This will reduce guest tension, reduce the deluge of inquiries on the first day of the event, and create a better overall attendance experience in a Vietnam Virtual Event. This manual does not have to be outdated. Is there going to be a host for your event? Consider having them make an introductory video that teaches them while also being humorous.

Attendee Engagement at Vietnam Virtual Events

In-person activities are designed to encourage participation. However, according to the Event Manager Blog, the greatest hurdle to a successful virtual event is engagement. Vietnam Virtual Events engage guests rather than forcing them to sit for hours and listen to material, from happy hours to one-on-one appointments to live Q&A. You could believe that virtual events don’t allow for interaction, but you’d be mistaken. While each keynote may be viewed separately, live polling can be used to engage participants. Live Q&A can still be included in Vietnam Virtual Events sessions. The instruments for involvement given by event technology are still available.

Attendees may virtually meet one other and schedule meetings using messaging features via a mobile app. As always, social media is an excellent engagement tool for Vietnam Virtual Events. Attendees may feel like they’re part of a community by using an event hashtag and having them share images of their best takeaways from the day, workplace sets, and more.

Networking and Connecting During a Vietnam Virtual Event

Just because guests can’t shake hands at a virtual gathering doesn’t mean they won’t be able to network. A mobile event app may link participants and offer a message system in Vietnam Virtual Events, whether it is used on a phone or via a web browser. Attendees may book one-on-one meetings with one other, exhibitors, or sponsors after they’ve connected on the app. Consider setting aside time for networking to encourage participants to mingle. Set up group discussions and breakouts using registration data to connect guests with similar interests. By using video conferences, chat groups, and appointments, you can make networking easier in Vietnam Virtual Events.

Vietnam Virtual Events Ideas

Virtual events come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There’s a lot you can do with  Vietnam Virtual Events solution, whether you’re hosting a virtual conference, a virtual meeting, or a virtual event. However, waiting for inspiration to strike when it comes to virtual event ideas might be difficult. The possibilities are unlimited, whether you want to add some fun to your virtual event with digital culinary classes, a mixologist class, a dance party, or a comedy performance, or you want to engage participants further with live polling, breakout sessions, or a mobile event app. 

How to Turn A Live Event into a Vietnam Virtual Event at the Last Minute

You may need to make a last-minute change, and your alternatives are to cancel the event or make it virtual. It turns out that hosting a Vietnam Virtual Event isn’t difficult if you have the necessary infrastructure in place. Organizing travel, hotel, food and beverage, and other details will take time, but transitioning material from in-person to virtual isn’t as tough as you may imagine.

Questions to Ask Before Moving to a Virtual Event

  • Is an in-person event essential, or can your agenda be transformed to a virtual setting?
  • What system will you use to keep track of attendance?
  • Do you have a virtual meeting solution in place at your company?
  • Is there anyone on staff at your company who can help and handle the technological parts of a virtual event?
  • Do you think you’ll be able to handle the traffic?
  • Do your virtual guests have all of the things they’ll need to participate?
  • What is the Best Way to Pivot to a Virtual Event?
  • Update the event webpage and send an email to guests informing them that the event is moving virtual and explaining why.
  • Provide guests with instructions on how to remotely attend the event.
  • Include links to the session tape or live broadcast in the agenda.

Vietnam Virtual Events as Part of Your Event Program


Finally, including Vietnam Virtual Events package into your meeting and event schedule as a crucial digital strategy is a fantastic idea. While we understand that virtual events lack the strength of face-to-face encounters, circumstances may force us to go virtual, often on short notice. With a strategy in place and the right technology, a shift to digital may be a risk-free option that you can trust to deliver the engaging, informative experiences to guests that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

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